Renqing Excellent
the world's leading solution provider of digital life products

Group Profile

The group has been deeply rooted in the field of digital technology. It is in possession of many well-known brands, such as ROCK, rock space, ihave and 1-10. Its business channels cover more than 70 countries and regions, with cumulative sales of over 100 million pieces. The group was founded in 2009. Under the management of Mr. Zhang Renqing, chairman of the group, Renqing Excellent has conformed to the development trend of the times, constantly adjusted its development strategy, and become an ecological enterprise led by the Internet era. Its vision is to become the world's leading solution provider of digital life products.

In 2018, we received 100 million yuan in round Afinancing led by ABC Capital, and set up ROCK PATH, an Italian branch, toexpand the European market. In the same year, we ceremoniously launched thecustomized service business to create a unique customized closed loop.Meanwhile, we have accelerated the construction of the brand ecology,introduced game category, and vigorously boosted the R&D and production oforiginal game accessories.

In the process of incessant entrepreneurial,innovative development, Renqing Excellent has always adhered to the businessphilosophy of "unity of knowledge and practice".

We provide customers with competitive, reliableproducts, solutions and services in the areas of brand incubation agent, fullchannel operation, and customized new retail. Meanwhile, we keep opencooperation with ecological partners, continuously create values for customers,release brand potentials, stimulate product innovation, and enrich consumerlife.

Core Values

Customer first

We will go all out to providebest products and services.


We yearn for your heroic appearance,but we care more about the temperature when you are with others. 


People with ideals and goals are lovely,but those who struggle down-to-earth for the ideals and goals are morerespectable.

Sincerity and credibility

Keeping promises andcommitments is a personal integrity, and sincerity and credibility are virtues.

Creation Ideas
"Minimalism" and "Life Aesthetics".
"Minimalism" and "Life Aesthetics". We have always thought from the perspective of users, integrating advanced technologies, environment-friendly materials and fashion elements into product design, constantly expanding the design space, and carrying out "minimalism" and "life aesthetics". From appearance modeling to product material, from use habit to environment inspection, we are meticulous in R&D, measure with heart, create unique products that really fit user use experience, in order to meet user consumption demands, and win the favor of thousands of consumers with sincere products. "Minimalism" and "Life Aesthetics".
  • More Fun
  • More Fun
    We pursue practicality and tastes,focus on developing product practicality and tastes, and strive to improve the performance-priceratio of products.
  • More Innovation
  • More Innovation
    We are constantly innovating and leading the design. We take providing innovative and interesting good products as the direction of our unremitting effort sand brand mission.
  • More Beauty
  • More Beauty
    We respect nature,energy-saving&environment protection, ensure that every product uses eco-friendly materials, and provide users with products of both environmental protectionand aesthetics.
Brand Honors